Cloister Church Ruins at Kronobäck

The Place

At Kronobäck, south of Mönsterås close to Kalmarsund, lays the ruins of the medieval cloister church that was built in the late 15th century. It was the Order of St John or Knights Hospitallers, with its headquarters at Rhodes that founded the monastery which mainly devoted its cause to the sick. The cloister was very important for the people in the region, giving help and care and was a place were passing seafarer and travelers could stay and rest during their journey.

The activity around the medieval cloister was very large. There was a mixture of common people and rich and powerful persons. During this time in Mönsterås, there were several estates of nobles having close contact with the royals in Stockholm and in Europe. The monks in Mönsterås also had close contact with the cloisters of the Order, both in Scandinavia and Europe. These contact allowed the monastery to have the latest knowledge within medicine and art of healing.

In the area surrounding the cloister many remains have been found , indicating that people have been active here since the Stone Age. Today the cloister church ruins is a meeting place for archeologist, schools, tourists and other history interested persons.

Together we try in different ways to make the medieval cloister as vivid as possible. Please feel welcome to visit the place and our arrangements.

The association ”Friends of Cloister Church Ruins at Kronobäck”

As an non-profit association we work for the spreading and increase of knowledge about the place and history in the local society of the cloister ruins.

To become a member put in 100 SEK to Swedish bank-giro 482-8281, do not forget to write your e-mail.  If you do not have access to this please contact us.

For events please refer to Evenemang.

Guided tours and rental of visitors’ centre

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